What are Pokémon Booster Boxes, Packs and Blisters?

This guide will briefly explain what booster boxes, booster packs and blisters are and the differences between the three. Whether you are a collector, competitive player or just buying for your kids we’ll give you an overview of where to invest your money and why.

Pokémon Booster Boxes

Booster Boxes as the title suggests, is a box of booster packs. These booster boxes are factory sealed (with clear wrapping with the Pokemon Logo throughout the wrapping) and contains 36 individual booster packs. Each booster box comes with 360 Pokemon Cards and 36 Pokemon Trading Card Game Codes. These codes are redeemable via the Pokemon Trading Card Game application. Booster Boxes are usually favored by collectors and players alike as it provides a guaranteed chance of pulling (slang for securing, opening) Ultra rare cards. Booster Boxes are usually the cost effective method of collecting as the $ / booster pack is much lower than purchasing individual booster packs or blisters.

Pokémon Booster Packs

Booster Packs reside from booster boxes and contain ten (10) playing cards and one (1) Pokemon Trading Card code. Every booster pack is guaranteed to contain one (1) rare card, three (3) uncommon cards and six (6) common cards. With the latest Pokemon Cards, each booster pack contains a reverse holographic card. This may be a rare, uncommon or common card and is part of the ten (10) cards found in a booster pack. Like Booster Boxes, these are favored by collectors, players and parents as the outlay is no where near a Booster Box. The downfall with booster packs is you are not guaranteed Ultra rare cards and would need to purchase multiple booster packs to increase your chances of finding these cards.

Pokémon Blisters

Blister Packs are exactly like Booster Packs but the main difference is the packaging they are in. Unlike Booster Packs, Blisters do not come from Booster Boxes. They are manufactured so that they can be stocked and hung from a rack in a retail store.


So what’s the best method to invest in? Well this depends if you are a collector, player or just purchasing once off for your kids. Depending on disposable income, if you are a collector, it is ideal that you invest in Pokemon Booster Boxes. Not only is this method cost effect, you are likely to fill out more of the cards required to complete the set. Once you have an idea of what cards you need following the booster box investment, you could purchase further boxes or move to booster packs. It is likely that you would comes across multiple copies of a card which then could be traded out for ones missing to complete your set. We recommend purchasing about 2-3 booster boxes to get your collection under way, then purchases singles to complete the set.

Competitive players invest in a similar fashion. Multiple booster boxes are purchased to try and increase their chances of securing ultra rare cards which are used in competitive play. Again. multiple copies of the cards could be traded/sold so that they can obtain the desired card/s for their competitive decks.

For parents with young children, it is recommend that the investment is aimed towards Booster packs and/or Blisters. These are usually low cost and great for kids who just want to tear in and open the occasional booster. It is also not unusual for parents to invest in booster boxes and routinely provide 1-2 booster packs for their children to open – typically as a reward.