Valuing Your Pokémon Cards

As a member of multiple Pokémon Buy and Sell Trading Card Game Facebook groups, you start to see the common questions from buyers and sellers of these groups: “What are my cards worth?”

While not 100% accurate, we show you a quick and dirty way to value your Pokémon Cards – from sources that can be found in seconds!

1. Troll and Toad

Based out of the US, Troll and Toad would arguably be on of the biggest online stores selling Pokémon Cards (among other tabletop games). Their extensive Pokemon single range starts from the very first Pokemon Set (Base Set) to the latest series of Pokémon Cards – Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Lets for example, you have yourself a 1st Edition Holo Dark Dragonite from the Team Rocket Set.

  1. Search for the Pokemon Card
  2. Convert the US Currency using the XE Currency Convertor

In this example we can see this card is valued at roughly *$22 AUD after conversation.

2. EBAY Sold Listings

EBAY has a nifty little tool where you can search all the sold listings of a particular item. The Results would show the amount the item sold for and when the item was sold. Using the same example as above:

  1. Search for the Pokemon Card and ensure you check “Sold Listings”
  2. Search Results Here

We can see that for the same Pokémon card, it has been sold on EBAY for a price of *$17-$26 AUD in the last few weeks.

In summary we can see that the card is valued somewhat similar across these 2 sources thus giving us a really good indication of what the card is worth. Now go away and dig up those rare cards and value your cards on your own.

*Note – Search Results as of 6/6/2017. Future value will vary due to changes in market rates.