Top 5 Ways to Protect Pokémon Cards

One of greatest themes behind Pokémon is sharing – This is no exception with Pokémon cards. Whether it is for your children, nephews and nieces or cousins, Pokémon is for all ages to enjoy. It is a great thing to be able to pass on your passion to another generation, that is why preservation is important.

There are good practices to protect and preserve your collections, but before we go into what they are, lets explore quickly what damages our cards.

  • Wear and Tear – Quite common right across the card market. Playing and Touching contribute to the cause.
  • Water Damage – A simple glass of water that is knocked over could easily destroy your cards.
  • Smoke Damage – Want yellow spots on your cards? Avoid having your cards in open areas such as the kitchen or cigarette smoke.
  • Sunlight – Direct sunlight fades your cards. Storing cards in cool, dry places are always ideal.
  • Rubber Bands – enough said..
  • Food – playing,  touching cards while eating.

Now we know what hurts our cards, here are the Top 5 ways we can protect our collections;


A great way to keep individual cards protected. Card Sleeves are devices used to protect trading cards from damage, especially collectible/trading cards from wear and tear. Most sleeves uses non-glare matte for a smoother feel when playing or shuffling your cards.


A trading card Top Loader is a plastic card holder, which is used to protect your sports or game cards from tearing, bending and getting damaged at their edges and corners. In most cases, they are used together with a soft sleeve in order to provide more protection to the cards.

Team Bags

A Team Bag is a small resealable plastic pocket (or slip) designed to hold team sets or card sets. In most cases, once a card is sleeved and top loaded, it is then placed inside the team bag for added and extra protection. The resealable edge allows for easy removal of card/s.

9-Card Pocket Sleeves

A great way to protect your collection. Each 9-Pocket Sleeve can hold up to 18 cards (though not recommended, best practice is to utilise 1 sleeve for 9 playing cards). The durable and heavyweight pages feature strong seam welds, ensuring long-term durability and easy transportation. These sleeves fit into any standard three-ring binder or folder.


A great way to store your 9-Card Pocket Sleeves. Binders not only protect your collection from direct light, but has the ability to protect your collection from water damage and smoke. its recommended to not overflow the binder with sleeves to the point cards are exposed.

Now you know a little bit about preservation enough to have your cards keep their value and preserve them for you and others to enjoy in the future.